Are you more stressed than you want to be?

Perhaps you have tried;

Drugs – Legal or illegal, both have the same problem. They only give temporary relief and the side effects are often worse than the reason you are taking them.
Alcohol – Has only a short- term affect on the symptom, does virtually nothing to relieve the cause of your stress.
Food – Based on the obesity epidemic in this country, food is used quite frequently as a stress relief solution with the same limited relief.
Sex – While it is natural, once again the relief is only temporary and does not address the cause of your stress.

I used all these methods and over-indulged in every one, only to feel even worse because I was still stressed out.

I really thought there was something wrong with me, that I must be a weak person, incapable of dealing with daily living.

That is why I feel I have the right to talk to you about stress.