So Why are Whispers so expensive?

There are couple of major reasons for the cost of Whispers. 

  1. Whispers never wear out, they enhance your life forever. Once you have the amount you want for you and your family, you never need to buy them again. Hence no repeat sales. This means a limited amount of sales per customers requiring a higher price.
  2. If you paid little for Whispers you would have little value or importance about your purchase. Because you have paid what you have paid for them you are more likely to make sure you wear them and give yourself and others balancings.
  3. The most important thing to understand is that when you consider all that you receive from the purchase of your Whispers, in a very short period of time you will realize that the are actually making you money. That's right! You will start to realize the cost of having a mind that is literally making you sick and keeping you from realizing the life God has intended for you.

How do I know that it isn't just the power of suggestion?

Even if it was (which it isn't) would it really matter to you? Let's face it nothing you have tried so far has helped you realize the quality of life that you intuitively know you should be living. We offer you a 90 guarantee just to ease your fears that you might be doing something stupid.