I will give away a Whisper

To the first person who correctly names a movie I am about to describe.

The movie starts out with a young couple who opens a letter that states that she has had an article she wrote published in a paper or magazine. I don’t remember which.  They run to her father to tell him the wonderful news, she hands the article to him and he crumples it up and throws in on the floor. He proceeds to yell that he didn’t send her to college for her to become a damn writer and walks out the door.

We then see him at a bingo parlor and just as he begins to proclaim bingo, he collapses on the floor and dies.

We then see the daughter on her fathers bed going through a box of his things when she reaches in and picks up the crumpled up article. Of course she has a puzzled look on her face and as her mother walks in the room and see’s her daughter she tells her. I need to explain something to you.

When your father and I got married we agreed to take the money we got at the wedding and go to America to pursue your fathers dream of becoming a writer. He worked day and night until the money ran out and never got a single article published. We went back home in defeat and your father went to work in the factory, never to realize his dream. Your father was very proud of you and didn’t want to see you get hurt.

Why didn’t he keep writing when he came back?, the daughter asked. You see, most people who go for their dreams and fail the first time never go back to try again because the pain of defeat is just too great to try again.

Such is the life of the entrepreneur. We all see the entrepreneur who has succeeded and think what a success story, not knowing how many times he failed before he managed a level of success.  We know that regardless of how many times they failed, the passion they have for their endeavor was greater than the fear of failing again was. It’s kind of like childbirth. Most shortly after giving birth that the pain was so great that they would never want to go through that again, then a some time later they have forgotten all about the pain and are only focused on the love of another child.

It is that positive passion for what they pursue that gives both of  them the energy to create. That creative force is inside each of us. It is  the fear of failure or pain that keeps us from experiencing the joy that comes from creating something bigger and better than ourselves.

It is much of what the work of Mind Whispering has been for me.


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